Board meetings, small conferences, and company events

There is no shortage of inns in Denmark, but nothing quite compares to Tyrstrup Kro. Our decorations, styles, offers, and ambitions cater to an international audience, as you can hear when you listen to the different mother tongues of our guests. They know it is impossible to go wrong with a stay at our institution when they find themselves in the Kolding area, regardless of the nature of their visit. The inn is close to everything, but still retains its recreational, rural atmosphere.

The history of the inn stretches back more than 350 years, but the past 20 years in particular have brought about significant developments. Annette and Torben Schulz took over the inn in 1987 and have worked steadily to expand and improve the institution.

Tyrstrup Kro offers 27 cosy and beautifully decorated room, with plenty of space. Out of the 27 rooms, 15 are suites equipped with whirlpool baths. Every room at the inn is equipped with modern technology, such as wireless internet, phones, and televisions.

Our six banquet rooms lend themselves well to courses, lectures, parties, etc., with space for groups ranging from 10 – 180 people. Throughout Denmark, the inn is well-established as a gourmet dining destination and our innovative kitchen keeps up with the trends of the time, without compromising the specialties of the traditional Danish dishes. Tyrstrup Kro is also home to an expansive wine cellar, with designated spots for older bottles.

Our four-star institution is a member of Dansk Kroferie, which is Denmark’s oldest and largest inn association.


We have the space and facilities to suit all your event requirements, regardless of whether the event in question is a mini-seminar or a larger conference.

The success of a conference depends on the social element of the event just as much as it does on the professional content. Regardless of whether you want to plan a lunch meeting or a longer conference, Tyrstrup Kro can help you set up an event that benefits all parties.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tyrstrup Kro

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